Foam Filler

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Project Description

Foam Filler
Water foam filling machine
Foam Filler is designed for  the transfer of water foam to portable/wheeled extinguishers.
Foam filling operation will be faster and easier by only clicking a button.
Technical Informations
The purpose of the machine transfer of water foam to all types of fire extinguishers. Filling operation starts by pushing a button and it will be ended automatically.
The quantity to be filled into the extinguisher can be set and measured. Change over to another type of cylinder is possible in short time.
Filling operation is provided by a magnetic sensor control.
Machine equipped with water and foam indicators. If there is not enough foam or water to fill the cylinder, red button will be turn on. So you can easily check foam and water levels. Also the machine allows to adjust the foam concentration.
By the advantage of wheels operator can easily transport it.
This system permits rapid, easy and accurate water foam transfer to any fire extinguisher that is currently on the market. The efficiency of your foam filling process will be advanced visibly by using the Foam Filler.